When I was a very young girl my mother worked for the famous Mary Kay product line selling makeup and skincare products as a way to earn extra money. She always loved makeup and just had a knack for applying it. Having all of the new, fun products around the house she just couldn’t help but use me as her little personal guinea pig! By painting my face she was able to test out new products to see how nicely they worked. Needless to say, I picked up a few tricks along the way. I loved it!
The first time I realized that my love of makeup artistry could be more than just a personal hobby (spending way too much money at the product counters), I was studying to be an actress in Towson University’s undergraduate Theatre Arts program. There I had the wonderful opportunity of studying the creative art of stage makeup with the Baltimore makeup artistry and performance duo, Marianne Wittelsberger & Steve Bauer, also known as “The Jokesters." This is when I had my first inkling that I may find more passion for the stage, working behind the scenes! After working on a few local Baltimore productions, I went on to receive my artistry license at Chesapeake School of Esthetics in Annapolis, Maryland. Not long after, I was hired on as a makeup artist for the Trish McEvoy product line. In the meantime, I also developed my freelance career, privately working on weddings and other special events. In 2002 I began my own little private company, Faccia Bella Makeup Artistry (“Beautiful Face"), in order to have an outlet for my freelance work.
Working for Trish McEvoy helped me to realize how fulfilling it was to help women looking for answers to life-long skin and makeup issues. I had always been the person friends would come to with makeup and skincare advice, so it only seemed to make sense that this was my calling. Not only did I want to make women look fantastic, but I wanted to teach them tricks so that they could make themselves look fantastic every day! It is amazing how a few easy tricks can really change the way a woman applies her makeup. For me it was never about selling a product. It was about showing woman how to use what they already own to more easily bring out their natural beauty. A makeup counter was no longer for me, so I set out to develop my knowledge, skills and Faccia Bella.
In 2003 I moved to New York City, and within the year my skills and passion were recognized. A little networking and a few workshops later, I was working on professional fashion sets. I had the honor of working with and learning from such photographers as Corey Hayes and Sharon Bushman. But, once again the passion was not fully there. I still found greater joy in helping women build (what I now call) a makeup “Wardrobe." As my freelance career continued to blossom, I realized that there was a real need for personal shoppers, or consultants within the makeup and skincare world. I worked with brides, models and actresses who really wanted me to help them beyond their big day, photo shoot or headshot session. I began giving women, not only makeovers, but complete product overhaul and technique advice. By helping to create a quick and easy, personally designed makeup application regiment, wearing makeup became less intimidating and more tailored to the client’s needs. This idea has recently developed into more extensive advice sessions for groups, known as Faccia Bella Makeup Revelry!
Faccia Bella Makeup Artistry is now based out of Baltimore, Maryland, but I continue to work in surrounding areas - Washington, D.C. and
New York City, especially.
Please explore the Faccia Bella website to learn more about these special services, and to view my portfolio and price menus!
Thank you - Rachel Kirk