Faccia Bella Personal Makeup Consultations

Have you ever spent an hour or more fighting the crowds at a makeup counter or boutique in order to get a salesperson or artist’s help? How many times have you wasted time and irritated your skin by testing different products, only to get home and not even know how to use them? Why not save yourself the time, frustration and money spent on unnecessary products. Faccia Bella Personal Makeup Consultations can help you to avoid this process.
I will personally help you to build a new makeup wardrobe, by giving you a complete product overhaul, makeover and technique advice. In the privacy and comfort of your own home I will go through and assess the skincare and makeup products that you already own and love. I will advise you on any items your cosmetic wardrobe may be lacking by suggesting and choosing from the abundance of products, which I own and love. I will show you items that I feel will help to complete your naturally classic look. I will make sure that you are using the best skin care regiment possible for your skin type. And, if there is something that I think you need, which I don’t happen to have with me, I will write it down anyway, and we can research it together. I will only ever suggest products that I have worked with, and used on myself.
I would like to note that I do not, in any way, work for the skincare and makeup companies that I carry and suggest. I do not make any sort of commission on these products, because you are not buying them from me. The list of products that we create is yours to do with it whatever you please. You will have the pleasure of knowing exactly what you want, before heading to the store! The trial of germy testers at makeup counters will no longer be necessary! You only have to give your prepared list to the salesperson, pay and go!
In addition to working on your makeup and skincare wardrobe, I will make sure that your eyebrow shape is appropriate and flattering to your facial structure. Eyebrows truly frame the face, and are essential to bringing out your most beautiful face, or Faccia Bella. I will teach you tricks to easy upkeep of your brows, so that they always look great – without regular waxing or threading appointments. Imagine the money you would save on this detail alone!
I will then teach you how to use the combination of products we come up with. By teaching you easy makeup application techniques, you will actually be able to make good use of the products you invest in. Once you feel comfortable with your new cosmetic wardrobe and application, my job is done!

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