Faccia Bella Makeup Revelry!

I now offer groups the opportunity to take advantage of my consultation services! By booking a private Faccia Bella Makeup Revelry session, the hostess, her friends and family can all learn fun, easy makeup tricks together in the privacy of her own home. I have developed the "tupperware party" concept into one where ladies can get together and REVEL in looking beautiful! And, what's more fun than playing with makeup???
Makeup parties are designed for groups of 4 to 8 people. These parties will work similarly to my personal consulting sessions, but on a grander scale! After a short 5-10 minute consultation with each lady attending the party, I will make personal color and product selections for her, setting her up for the fun. Then we will all sit together and walk step-by-step through the application process. I will show the group my tricks for a quick and easy, natural glow. We will discuss skincare and eyebrow grooming tips as well. At the end of the party, girls will not only walk away with a new outlook on skincare and makeup, but a list of products that will work for them.
Just as in my personal consultation sessions, there is no obligation for the purchase of any item. I have no interest in selling you or your group anything! I just want to help you learn techniques that will make your life easier! The list of products that each girl walks away with, is hers to do with what ever she pleases.
Pricing for these Revelry events is available on my Pricing page!